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The BOB Band

The BOB Band

The BOB Band


Members: Don Bailey, Brandon Turner, Kevin Saak, Tom Sweet, Mike Solle, Dierdre Kniffen

Prone to the fiery attitude of indie punk rockers and body surfers this music is a raw shot through the soul that’s not missing any bones of drunken amphetamine induced reality. These guys consciously hit farther into the raw cornering attitudes of rebellious country music. Their ‘matter of fact’ rockgrass style dawns the likes of ratrod jackets and Dead Kennedys shirts while footed up with Jack Purcells. Hailing from the Midwestern United States their evident diversity has taken them from performing melodies with Mickey Gilley to an all stage rock fury with Reverend Horton Heat and two international tours. A ‘UK’ fan described. “The Bob band has a lyrical skill of spinning a dark and twisting yarn with the raucous heavy playing and energy of a pub-brawl.” Noted by news journals to have “a live show of music passion so unexpected, it’s seen to be harmoniously epic.” Maverick Magazine Europe described them as “an outfit that knows how to balance energetic songs with emotionally created tunes which impress continually. They are a song writing gem.”

Formed by singer/songwriter Don Bailey in an abandoned train depot in Millstadt, Illinois in 1994. They released their first 10 song album(Earl) on compact disk a year later(1995). The second album, a six song EP(Black) was released on compact disk in 1998. Opening an original music venue in Belleville, Illinois using proceeds from album sales, Bailey and the band took ten years off from recording and only performed live shows at venues across the midwest. Bailey returned to the studio in 2009 and began writing the 3rd release(Greasy Side Down) It was originally intended to be a ‘backporch” solo style recording. The band caught wind of it after Baileys’ tracks had already been recorded. They joined in, recorded parts over Baileys’ original recordings and the album was released in 2010. The excitement of the new material brought Bailey together with Brandon Turner(bass) Kevin Saak(drums) and Jon Clark(guitar) to record the forth album ‘Time Served’ released December 11th, 2012.

Europe’s Maverick Magazine Review – July 2011
Releasing their third album, this four-piece band certainly knows how to create a well produced song that can only be described as awesome. This thirteen song record shows to the world that this Illinois band are steeped in country music history and their musical veins are saturated with, what I suspect, is many bottles of Southern Bourbon. The record does not always go for the jugular as this outfit knows how to balance energetic songs with emotionally created tunes which impress continually. As its title suggests, the stomping beat on Pickin Flowers allows for impressive guitar to be used in the mix. The same wondrous spirit can be linked with Black Hat which is the concluding track. With sublime guitar on this tune with the inclusion of a fine lap steel helps sum up this record perfectly as its care-free attitude is refreshing good.
-Russell Hill – Maverick Magazine / EUROPE

“Once again The BOB band impacts the scene with a 3rd release that undeniably proves they are the locomotive cutting edge that drives the convoy of progressive country rock in America. And we’re lovin’ it.”
-Texas Music Magazine – Feb 2011

“literate, rural-tinged imagery that powers the best of Americana”
-L. Kent Wolgamott -Focus, Lincoln Nebraska Star

“Amazing Show!” -KPNT 105.7FM “The Point”

“Choral-like, almost epic in scale, I recommend opening a line to the Bob band” -Jim Cult -Spotlight Magazine

“a band with solid roots in music that matters”
– Mike Blake – CIceros -Riverfront Times- St. Louis

“the midwest based Bob Band can do no wrong”
-Get Out Section – St. Louis Post Dispatch

“see them now before they go national and never return ! “
-Patrick Hambrecht -Senior Reporter Daily Nebraskan

Don Bailey (singer/guitarist/The Bob Band)
–featured on ‘Roadside America’
courtesy: Atlas Media/History Channel, New York, NY 2001.
–Featured in No Depression Magazine 1998 and 1999.
–Owner/Operator of Three-1-Three Music Venue
Belleville, IL 1997 to 2006.
–Honored for achievement in music performance with the MWR division of the Pentagon at Guantanamo Bay, Hailti, Honduras and Puerto Rico.
–Producer/Promotor of the MRMF Showcase 2011.
– Founder, Bird Records Recording Studio – Millstadt, Illinois
– Written and Performed with The BOB Band 1994-present.

Brandon Turner (bassist/supporting vox/The Bob Band)
–former Lead singer, performer with 12 Summers Old
2002 to 2009 ( courtesy: Snapdragon Records, Milwaukee,Wisconsin/ MRI Associated Labels

bob band on youtube

bob band on youtube

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