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Dvon is an Atlanta based singer-songwriter. A self trained keyboardist and producer, Dvon
delivers his own unique style of soul driven pop/rock reminiscent of artists like Prince and Lenny
Kravitz on tracks like “Feels Like A Rollercoaster” and “Let’s Make It All About You”.
“All This Love” and “Your Body Warm” showcase the R&B side of Dvon’s abilities while “I Will
Show You Love” boasts late 70’s/early 80’s pop/disco influences that have helped him to
surpass 400,000 online streams and 5000+ downloads.

In 1999, Dvon joined Pisces Kiss, a local pop/rock/cover band and performed local gigs with the
lead singer Karsten Durand. After the band’s break-up, Dvon continued to write and record with
Karsten and featured his vocals on the gospel inspired “Waiting” and the upbeat retro pop song
“It’s Gonna Get Better”; a track recorded for the ‘It Get’s Better’ campaign to prevent suicide
among LGBT youth.

Dvon’s heart felt message of social equality also inspired tracks like “Not Like The Other Girls”, “End
Of Days” and the protest song “Invisible Man”. He continues to write and record with local musicians
and is currently working on his sixth music video project.


TN da Entertainer

TN da Entertainer
TN da Entertainer

TN da Entertainer

Born and raised in Memphis, Tn. Artist, Producer, label executive is no stranger to the music business.

Back at it with his first released single “Float On”off his upcoming Dough Chasers Musik Vol. 1 mixtape to be released at the end of Summer 2017.

Prior to this release TN da Entertainer has been producing, mentoring, developing local talent in the city of Memphis whom have the same passion he has for music to build his future empire.


TN da Entertainer’s new single “Float On” tells the story about the everyday bullshit living in the city of Memphis that make you wanna fly away.

(Get high as hell a Float On ) most may choose to do just and some my choose literally to take a flight and get away! We all want to “Float On” at some point.







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Amber Patiño – Family

Amber Patiño
Amber Patiño


Amber Patiño

This month we bring you Amber Patiño and her family. We first introduced Amber back in November of 2015, when she was barely starting out in the industry, with the support of her parents and her special needs sister, Nicole. Since then, Amber hasn’t wavered from pursuing her dreams and continues to strive, bringing back hard-earned advice and tips for young actors that want to take a shot at the entertainment industry. Don’t miss her advice.

In that November 2015 issue, SOHM also focused on Amber’s family, who plays a very important supporting role in her nascent talents, and has formed a circle around her called, Team Amber, to guide and motivate the young artist to her full potential. Experienced and aware beyond her years, Amber acknowledges the time and effort given by her friends and family. Now, Amber shares her achievement to date: landing a leading role in the family film titled, Jurassic School.


Amber Patiño
Amber Patiño

It hasn’t been easy for the Patiño family. The four members left the south and headed west to give Amber’s talents a chance, after winning a prominent talent contest. Amber’s skills shined through and the family made the journey across, to find out if dreams do come true. This is where we catch up with the Patiños, and bring to you, our loyal readers, a rare behind-the-scene look at Hollywood, and the business of child stars—and its effect on the family as a unit.

Amber’s mother, Lindsay Patiño, supports Amber 100% on artistic talents. While her father, William “Bill” Patiño, knows first hand the sacrifices parents make for their children in support of their dreams and aspirations. William left a comfortable life, with a lower cost of living, to help his daughter as best as he can. Yet, reality reminds them that following dreams takes time, money and effort. We interview Bill and get his take on how the move to Hollywood has affected his family because SOHM is committed to bringing you real stories from real people—in this case, the role of parents and their children.



Amber Patiño

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Mackadenice – My Own – New Music video


Mackadenice‘s (MD) music is a prime and dominant influence in his life’s pursuit of the hip hop industry which has been a source of exhilaration for him over the years. As a native of the State of Virginia, born November 11, 1985 in Alexandria, Virginia, his musical influences were surrounded by notorious talents such as Timberland, Pharrel Williams, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Missy Elliot. Nurtured and raised by his mother, he lived in a fatherless household. The minute details that he does recall concerning his father are that he possessed considerable musical gifts and is of Italian decent. The lack of a father-son relationship in his life still lingers on and continues to affect him in ways that is only felt by him. The genesis of “MD” came when he discovered his musical gifts displaying tuneful and lyrical talents at a young age by performing in various shows when he was growing up and also while serving in the military. The one outstanding accomplishment that resonates the most was his performance in the Youth Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Project when he was 16 years of age. Upon graduating high school, “MD” explored the need to serve on a more elevated level.

After joining the Military in 2004, “MD” aspired to be a part of something bigger than himself and contribute his military service to his country. Painstakingly believing that it was a privilege to fight for his country, “MD” would eventually learn that this decision would result in being the ultimate sacrifice with a huge price tag. After serving one tour of duty in Norfolk, Virginia, “MD” decided it was time to make a serious endeavor within his career which eventually resulted in a transfer to Manama, Bahrain in 2008. This decision led to the birthing and creation of the third part of “Cerberus, Ven-Roc”. While in Bahrain, he established himself in the entertainment arena by performing in local contests and live shows such as the esteemed Red House Hiphop Festival in 2009.


This venue landed “MD’s” picture in the Gulf Weekly. Subsequently, he was fortunate enough to network with Italian Director/Producer Pierro Ali Passatore. Mr. Passatore has since become a valued and promising asset to” MD’s” team. As the state-of-the-art in his profession, he is prominent for his noteworthy and distinguished talents as an actor, editor and director. Preeminently, he proceeded to collaborate with “MD” on multiple tracks, including the 2015 single “What Now – A Journey Into the Mind of a Soldier.”


After the release of “MD’s” first two mixtapes in 2009, “World Tour” and “Katching Seazon”, this marked the start of his legacy. These mixtapes provide you with a taste of “MD” aka Ven-Roc’s origin and exploits while serving overseas. However, through all the ladies and late nights, “MD” still had his military obligations first and foremost. Throughout his 3 years in Bahrain, “MD” was sent to war-torn areas and experienced things that would in turn mold him into the man he is today. In an effort to build a relationship with his only son whom he recently determined that he had fathered, “MD” decided to return to the States in 2010. Not returning home as the same man he was when he left, his music became a source of therapy, giving him a mental outlet and the ability to portray his military lifestyle and experiences as well as the difficulties faced with his return to the States. Struggling with the adaption of the familiar yet new environment and being deterred from the main reason for his return, “MD” found himself in constant battles with depression, anger and confusion. MD would not let this chain of events take him away from his passion and he would go on to release “Real As it Gets: The Mixtape”, “S.N.S. EP”, and the 3-volume series “O.T.H.” between 2010 and 2013. Each mixtape transmits to the listener a little more of “MD’s” life–another slice of his story. As “MD” prepared to separate from the military in early 2012, he was unceasingly being tried and tested by the mother of his son. After unsurpassed suffering from parental alienation from the time it was discovered that he was a father, he still compassionately and diligently continues to fight to build a relationship with his son….

Taking away the opportunity to be what he longed for as a child has put a dark hole in his heart that only his son can fill. In the same year “MD” separated from the military, he came upon some alarming yet awakening news. Unknowingly, “MD” had been battling cancer for a number years, having experienced intense symptoms since 2007. While trying to digest the news of his cancer, “MD” also discovered he was impaired with a new syndrome of mental instability that plagues many veterans once they are no longer on active duty known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). After years of doctors’ appointments, copious amounts of pills and surgeries, “MD” has made it through his battle with cancer yet still suffers from the debilitating side effects of PTSD and the pharmaceuticals he has been required to take throughout his treatment. Although stricken by life and its unknowns, “MD” continually manages to turn these series of shortfalls and medical conditions into fuel.

Having had a chance to work with the likes of Ryan West and Just Blaze at Stadium Red Studios, his first official single was released in 2014. The single entitled “Someday” featuring I4NI artist David Ray and is an inspiring single displaying “MD’s” ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ attitude. Coupled with the release of his 9th project, I.D.G.A.F. We still had to do it…, he puts together one of his greatest collections to date. This unpredictable, high intensity mixtape will be one to remember as “MD”” continues to tell his story every step of the way.

Now in 2016 “MD’s” odd intensity style and lyrical delivery continues to bring you his stories of pain, pleasure, love and reality. On the verge of completing his tenth project, “MD” turned a couple tracks for an online contest into what will be his first official album entitled “The Contestants.” Slated to be released at the end of 2016, “The Contestants” has turned out to be a compilation of songs that will open your eyes to what a man is capable of doing when given a proper cause. In an effort to establish himself on an international level, “MD” traveled to Italy for 35 days to once again work with Piero. This trip was a monumental moment for “MD” as he stepped out of his comfort zone and laid it all on the line.




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Singer, Model, Actress, TV Personality – Ольга Алекс – Olga Alex

Olga Alex 


Singer, model, TV personality.

Ольга Алекс

Ольга Алекс

Born in Ufa (Russian Federation), where she’s made her first steps in music biz. She has worked as a model and also as a show host on major TV stations in her native town. Her first vocal experience was in jazz band, where she’s learned and performed a lot of American Jazz standards. To further pursue her dreams, Olga moves to Moscow – capitol of Russian Federation. Shortly after, she has been selected for MTV’s project “R&B Girls”- a major Russian Network TV show with audiences over 80 million people. In a same time, she had a photoshoot for Russian Playboy magazine and has been chosen as a one of the centerfold ‘s models. In a same time, the article in Russian “Rolling Stone” magazine came out, featuring Olga’s’s picture in it.

Ольга Алекс

Simultaneously, Olga has started her own music project in Electronica, Ambient and House genres. She has collaborated with a lot of producers, and wrote several songs, which were well accepted by the industry’s professionals and radio stations. As a result, she has performed with Russian pop mega star and celebrity Philipp Kirkorov’s and has participated in Beyonce’s parties in Moscow to name a few.

Ольга Алекс

In 2008 Olga meets with Stan Williams—New York’s Studio 54’s star and resident of Moscow’s Megapolis FM radio. Stanley has invited Olga to Xuman Records studio for further collaboration. The resulting project has been released as Xuman Feat Diva Rhys Meyers “No Panic”, followed by extensive touring around the country and abroad, supported by heavy rotation of her songs on major radio station Megapolis FM 89.5, DFM Moscow. Olga’s most current hit “Second” is still in the rotation.

Olga’s recent collaborations included studio work with well-known DJ Dennis Lee (Germany) , as a result – a new single “Rockit to stars” Feat Magdalena G. came out , followed by her performance in Privilege in Ibiza , 2013. She’s currently residing in New York, and works on new music tracks with producer Iggy Kisil for his legendary NYC- based label Sweet Rains Records. Olga’s new upcoming album is scheduled to be released worldwide during the fall of 2017.

Most recent, Olga has been featured as a singing runway model during NYC Fashion Week during, performing on Andres Aquino’s Couture Fashion Week show in front of over 600 people, including all major TV networks and press at Crowne Plaza Hotel on Times Square.  Her video, performing the classic “L.O.V.E” song is available on YouTube and other major internet platforms.

Olga Alexandrova ( a.k.a. Olga Alex ) “Ольга Алекс – старый отель”

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Olga Alex Singer I’m the happiest woman in the world. Follow me on Instagram
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Olga Alex “L-O-V-E” official music video #vimeo Follow her on #Instagram Ольга Алекс #music
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Shine On Hollywood Magazine: 4-Year Anniversary Featuring David Paul and Elisabetta Russo

SOHM 4-Year Anniversary – Special Edition, July/August 2016 Issue

4 year anniversary SOHM

Dear Friends:

This month we celebrate our 4-Year Anniversary! We reflecting on our biggest celebration of icons, stars, stories and testimonials, featuring David Paul and Elisabetta Russo.

As we celebrate our magazine’s 4th anniversary, I’m overcome with emotion. During this time I’ve had some truly extraordinary experiences carrying out this phase of Shine On Hollywood Magazine’s (SOHM’s) legacy. It’s been exciting and revealing and more than I could have ever imagined. The outpouring of love and support from everyone has been overwhelming. SOHM empowers readers throughout the globe by representing determination, persistence and confidence. Our reach is global. Starting with over 26.6 million hits in 60 countries since 2014, through this month—SOHM has reached more than 150 countries and continues to soar and grow!

paul david

David Paul, featured on this month’s front cover, represents our ideals with his persistence to stay true to himself against assumptions and misconceptions. He has earned our respect because we welcome all creative artists from around the globe bursting with amazing stories of struggles, and triumphs of success in numerous disciplines. It’s amazing how many successful artists come from troubled pasts, and who raise above all challenges and embrace those challenges as sources of empowerment.

Our special guest featuring Elisabetta Russo, whose continuous efforts and dedication to her music has taken her from the shores of Italy to the Hollywood stage, where she has performed amongst some of the finest living performers in Opera today.

The entertainment industry can be very complex and misunderstood. Our goal is to highlight the artist’s success to encourage the rest of us to triumph over adversity, and help the up-and-coming professionals find their way, and to turn their stories into a positive and educational journey. This is what separates SOHM from all other publications in Hollywood and worldwide throughout the arts and entertainment sector, since 2012.

We’ve featured 172 industry professionals in the past four years and have done our best to showcase celebrities you will easily recognize, along with lesser known, yet equally successful, entertainment personalities. They are all successful in their fields and give back to their communities—one of the important requirements needed to be featured in our publication. SOHM allows worldwide cultures to blend into a positive readership that promotes communication and relationships, by sharing real stories from the real people of Hollywood and around the world.


We do our best to promote positive true stories that support hard work and strength in the entertainment industry, to demonstrate to our readers that dreams can be fought for and achieved. When you read SOHM, what you read is the product of countless meetings, phone calls and emails with the SOHM team. My role includes suggesting and selecting feature ideas, approving layouts, choosing photographs and signing off finished proofs. All in all, the experience has been unprecedented and rewarding.
SOHM marks the first time I have ventured into the brave new world of entertainment industry publishing. Today, film, television, music, beauty, fashion and the arts, unite us, and that includes our diversity. SOHM has always been about building a platform for the community—for both the indie and established segments of the entertainment industry, to provide insight, balance and accuracy to our stories where it matters the most.

SOHM Vision

SOHM Vision

I would like to remind you the vision of my contribution to the world, clearly stated in SOHM’s mission statement: We are dedicated to providing a positive, meaningful and educational experience and to inspire our readers with knowledge and information from creative, qualified industry professionals.

I believe it’s vital to our community that we have a way to share stories and learn from one another regardless of race, religion, political beliefs, or sexual orientation. We all belong to one human race. More than ever before in human history, we share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together. The magazine also provides a showcase of the best ideas across all areas of consumer culture; an exploration of the techniques behind the work, and insight into the people and trends shaping the industry.

Exclusive interviews with celebrities and non-celebrities, have contributed some exceptional “tips” for our readers to learn from. There are a lot of young professionals who can take notes for their own success! That’s what Shine On Hollywood Magazine is all about: to express the “real people and stories” of Hollywood to the general public and popular culture worldwide.

My next goal is to start a non-profit arm of SOHM that will be used as a training ground for students to gain knowledge and to inspire them towards their dream of being a professional in the entertainment industry; to give them hope that dreams are goals waiting to be accomplished. The purpose of this magazine is to connect knowledge, tools, training, and motivation and to counteract the overexposure of negative news and information with solution-oriented messages of insight and hope.

You’ll find diversity and standards in our features. SOHM is a place of respect, integrity, wisdom, and principles—presenting talented people with messages to encourage and empower young professionals and readers, to help them turn their dreams into reality. People do not achieve their dreams because of unclear goals. By reading our features, they will learn how to set their goals and use SOHM as a guidebook, by learning from the successes of individuals in the entertainment industry who have achieved their goals and made their dreams come true. My primary focus is to encourage our readers and show them dreams are attainable.

Each issue of SOHM is theme-based. However, we also have features that provide inspiration from practical stories. The focus of the segment “Share Your Shine, Tell Your Story,” is available to the people in the arts or pop culture community who are making a difference by giving back to the community, and who would like to share their stories with you. Our society is changing every day. As a leader in the entertainment industry, I feel it is my responsibility to share others’ success to help guide our readers in a positive way, and at the same time encourage others in the industry to do the same.

I aim to promote community service and instill a strong work ethic with morals and values to our readers. I want our readers to respect their craft and respect the entertainment industry. There are too many bad role models that are guiding our youth in the wrong direction; it’s time we make a positive change for them and the future of those to come. SOHM is part of our history and a part of our future. There are many more great things in this issue, but I will let you discover them for yourself.

We have many exciting additions to the magazine stored ahead. We’re working on a live talk show which will be highlighting all the good in the entertainment industry, just like the magazine does. The show will feature guests who live in the spotlight, and those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the magic happen. They will share their journeys, as well as advice about how you can start or continue your journey in the entertainment field. These will represent all the disciplines we include in our magazine: film, television, music, art, fashion, ethnic diversity and anything else we feel will help our readers learn how they can excel in the business, and give back to their community where it is most needed.

It has always been my goal to use a variety of formats to spread the word about all the good that is happening in the entertainment industry. Not just in Hollywood, but around the world as well. We at SOHM feel like our readers are ready for good news about celebrities and successful entertainment professionals, and are ready to discard the gossip, politics and negative stories that flood the world today. That’s why we are growing at such an unbelievable rate across the globe. Don’t forget that you can go back through these last four years of archived issues, read the stories and gain that much more insight into entertainment and philanthropy.

Finally, I would like to thank those who have served on SOHM’s staff—the interns, volunteers and committees during the past four years—for providing the support and feedback necessary to find, develop and publish material of such consistent high quality. I hope that we can build on, and persist with our success and continue to expand the reach of SOHM for the benefit of the community. I would also like to thank you, the SOHM reader, for sharing my adventures during the past four years. To all of our advertisers, I am truly honored and thankful. Your support, enthusiasm and encouragement toward my work will continue to be a driving force of inspiration for me.

Lastly, I would like to take a moment to thank my staff. Their tireless effort to bring the stories to you, the readers, makes this magazine what it is today. The interviews, reviews and all the other pieces that make up Shine On Hollywood Magazine are due to a group effort where we support, encourage and heap praise on each other for continued jobs that are exceedingly well done. No other publication can match or tell stories like SOHM does. Because we include video embedding and all the necessary hyperlinks to the artist’s social media channels, website, store and more with measurable results.

As we all know, print is becoming obsolete. Shine On Hollywood Magazine the 100% GREEN publication in pop-culture, lifestyle, arts and entertainment. Digital is the best vehicle to drive anyone’s stories, articles and updates—information that goes viral in seconds! For more information on our digital marketing solutions, please contact Rachelle Casillas at or Alex Antonino at

I’m excited about our fourth year and all that’s in store for our readers, and soon, our viewers. Next month we will be featuring Top Culinary Industry Professionals where as always we will feature major players and chefs, right alongside the important work and creative projects from independent and major production companies. We hope you enjoy this special SOHM 4-Year Anniversary Issue and we look forward to your continued support for our success. One last thing to all our readers—be part of SOHM’s success! Send me your testimonial and we will publish it.

Enjoy reading!
Arnold Garcia

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