Videos You Can Find On YouTube

Videos You Can Find On YouTube


Videos You Can Find On YouTube

Each day, a large number of internet users visit an online video website. In fact, many internet users visit more than one.  Online video websites are websites that allow internet users to make, upload, and share their own unique video creations.  One of those sites is known as YouTube.  If you are looking to use online video websites, such as YouTube, for entertainment, you are in luck.  Online, you can find thousands, if not millions of videos that are available for your watch, often free of charge.

If you have never visited the YouTube website, you may be wondering what type of videos you can find online. With YouTube, most of the videos that you will find online are considered homemade movies.  This is because these movies are made by traditional internet users, ones just like you.  Since each internet user is likely to have different interests or experiences in a particular field, topic, or subject, you are sure to find a large selection of videos on YouTube.

YouTube makes video watching easy.  They do this by placing their videos into categories.  You can easily find online videos by examining the ones that are viewed the most, the ones that are rated the highest, or the ones that have the most comments. In addition to those categories, you will also find categories that breakdown videos into specific subject categories, based on video content.

One of those categories is comedy.  Comedy, perhaps, is the most popular YouTube category.  This is because most individuals use online video websites to be entertained.  What better way to receive that entertainment than with an online video that leaves you laughing hysterically?  Comedy videos may include, but should not be limited to, funny comments, comedy club appearances, staged skits, and even unscripted recordings.

Pets and animals is another one of the many categories that you can find on YouTube.  These videos are great for those who love animals.  A wide variety of different animals are featured on YouTube videos including cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and birds.  Many of these videos can also be considered comedy videos because many of the videos focus on animals that have special, but funny talents.  Additional videos feature professional shows, such as dog shows or horse shows.

YouTube also has a category that is labeled travel and places.  The travel and places videos often include videos that vacationers have shot when they were in another area of the world.  Popular video locations are ones that are outside of the United States, but you will also find videos that focus on areas inside the United States.  In addition to filming interesting or historical locations, many videos have a focus on traditional events or activities.  It is not uncommon to find videos on YouTube that outline a particular festival or contest.

Entertainment is another category found on YouTube.  This category covers a wide variety of different online videos.  Many individuals have created videos that they feel are a source of entertainment, while others have a focus on real entertainment, such as television shows.  It is not uncommon to find a collection of scenes, accompanied by music, of popular television shows, soap operas, and movies.

Although music often falls into the category of entertainment, YouTube gives it its own category.  Many of the videos found on YouTube, with a focus on music, are created by those who are documenting themselves or their friends singing or participating in singing contents.  What is nice about YouTube is that they also have a special program for up and coming musicians.  This feature allows musicians to make their own music videos and share them with other internet users. This means that not only will you get to see an online video for free, but you may be alerted to a new band, that you otherwise never would have heard of.

The above mentioned categories are just a few of the many that you can found on YouTube. Additional categories include arts and animation, autos and vehicles, news and blogs, people, sports, and science and technology.

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Street Dodge Viper twin turbo 1700hp drag race.

Street Dodge Viper twin turbo 1700hp drag race.

Street Dodge Viper twin turbo 1700hp drag race.

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It’s not Car,not a truck,not a 4×4, it’s a HUMMER !

It’s not Car,not a truck,not a 4×4, it’s a HUMMER !

It’s not Car,not a truck,not a 4×4, it’s a HUMMER !